Our Company Roots

The thick dry oak was hard as nails as the dull hand saw worked its way slowly through the wood. Sweat poured off the young boy’s face as he struggled to hold the wood and keep the saw moving at the same time. He had found the saw in his father’s workshop, and the wood was just some old scrap from a corner of the garage. But this wasn’t just any old wood, and the rusty saw was no ordinary tool. No sir, these were all part of a plan, part of a vision, and pieces to the picture firmly fixed in eight-year-old Robert’s mind.

He wasn’t doing this because he liked sawing wood so much, and he certainly wasn’t doing it for the exercise. You see, Robert was building, creating something, crafting a project, making an idea visible. He was building a nightstand for his mother.

After the sawing came the nailing, once again with primitive resources, nails that were too big, too little, or rusty, and especially nails that wanted to bend in the tough oak. But Robert persisted, and stuck with it. After several days and relentless hours, he finally crowned his creation with a heavy coat of yellow oil based paint out of a rusty can pried open with a screw driver.

When it was finished, it wasn’t pretty by any grownup standards, but it stood reasonably level on four legs, with a flat top and a shelf midway. In Robert’s young mind it was a masterpiece, a product of his own creation.

He had brought his vision to reality. He had persevered. He had prevailed against the obstacles. More than anything he had honestly given it his best effort.


It’s been many years now since that primitive creation, but today Landmark Bath & Kitchen (and sister companies Foxcraft Homes and First General Services) are still making ideas visible, still crafting, creating, building, and still adding the crowning finishing touches to homes and projects all around the community. Above all, Landmark, Foxcraft, and First General are still about the honesty of doing your best, about the belief that your best always includes being honest and truthful, no matter the consequences.

Residential construction companies are often perceived as being just one notch above used car salesmen in truthfulness and dependability. Well, here’s one company that stands tall in the face of that perception. You see, no project is of good quality if all supporting activities are not honest; and if honesty is lacking, then it cannot be considered a best effort.

Our commitment, our mission, our goal, our story, is just that, to finish every project with complete honesty, and to honestly do our best. This brings exceptional customer satisfaction, and a sense of reward for us that goes beyond the dollars. The emotions of accomplishment and pleasure of that first nightstand are still a part of us today.

Won’t you let us build a “nightstand” for you?